(tekst') n.

1. words and associated symbols arranged to convey a message.

2. character data that contains words, sentences, etc.

3. Macro language. a. the program characters that are processed by the macro processor. b. characters not requiring any action by the macro processor because they do not contain any macro language objects.


4. using or in the character data type.

TEXT (SAS word)

SAS/GRAPH. Annotate variable.

text box

(tekst' boks) n.

a marked rectangular area in which the user can type or edit a text value, usually preceded by a label that identifies the text value.

text editor

(tekst' ed' i tur) n.

a program for editing text files.

text file

(tekst' fIl') n.

1. a file containing characters that are used as text, such as a program file or text data file.

2. a file accessed by the INPUT or PUT statement or other SAS features designed for use with files that contain text data.

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