(O' pen) adj.
1. (of a file) in a state that allows the contents of the file to be accessed.

2. based on information that is readily available or publicly disseminated, sometimes for the purpose of promoting interoperability: open systems; open architecture.


3. to make (a file) open.

OPEN (SAS word)


Open Database Connectivity


open source


1. published source code of a software development project.

2. a software development approach based on published source code. Open source offers the possibilities of volunteer programmers and detailed troubleshooting by power users.
For some projects, this can lead to faster development and improved accuracy.
On the other hand, open source implies the loss of any competitive advantage that secrecy of source code might offer. For some kinds of projects, open source also presents increased security risks.

Most of what constitutes the Internet came from open-source projects. . . . However, open source is becoming more of a business each day. ["Open Source Works to Succeed," Information Week, October 23, 2000]

open-source, adj.

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