(mak' rO) n.

1. Macro language. a stored object that contains macro language code.

2. a program that records a sequence of actions a user might take in interacting with an application.

3. a preprocessor object in any of various computer languages.


4. of or having to do with macro language.

MACRO (SAS word)

Macro statement. Defines a macro.

System option.

Entry type. Macro.

macro comment statement


a comment that is removed from a program by the macro processor. A macro comment statement is a macro statement that begins with %*.

macro function

Macro language. n.

a function of macro language. Macro function calls are written in the same manner as macro calls.

macro label

Macro language. n.

a statement label of macro language, used as the target of the macro %GOTO statement. A macro label is written in a macro as a name preceded by a percent sign and followed by a colon.

macro language

(mak' ro lang' gwij) n.

1. a language that can be used in a SAS program to apply conditional logic in generating SAS statements; the preprocessor language of SAS software.

2. a programming language intended to be programmed by recording the actions of a user interacting with an application. Compare scripting language.

macro processor


the part of SAS software that interprets macro language.

macro quoting

Macro language. n.

the use of macro function calls to change the way the macro processor treats certain special characters and operators.

macro variable

Macro language. n.

a macro language object that contains a text value and is kept in memory. A macro language reference is written with an ampersand followed by the macro variable name.

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