(fo:r' mat) n.

1. a specific way to structure or arrange data in a field, file, etc.

2. a routine that converts data values to text values that can be written in a text file or displayed.

3. a reference to an format, which may include width and decimal arguments.

4. such a reference used as an attribute of a variable to indicate the default format for use with the variable.

5. also, formatting. the appearance, structure, layout, etc., of a field, file, page, document, etc.


6. to use a format to convert (a value) to text.

7. to apply a particular appearance, layout, etc., when creating a field, file, page, document, etc.


Data/proc step statement. Sets format attributes of variables.

Procedure. Creates formats and informats.

Entry type. Numeric format.

format option


an option set for a value or picture format when it is created in the FORMAT procedure.

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