EUR (SAS word)

Format. Prefix for European currency formats, which convert between euros and national currencies. The other segments of the name are:

FR from
TO to
BEF Belgian francs
CHF Swiss francs
CZK Czech koruny
DEM German marks
DKK Danish kroner
ESP Spanish pesetas
FIM Finnish markkaa
FRF French francs
GBP British pounds
GRD Greek drachmas
HUF Hungarian forints
IEP Irish pounds
ITL Italian lire
LUF Luxembourg francs
NLG Dutch guilders
NOK Norwegian krone
PLZ Polish zlotys
PTE Portuguese escudos
ROL Romanian lei
RUR Russian rubles
SEK Swedish kronor<
SIT Slovenian tolars
TRL Turkish liras
YUD Yugoslavian dinars

Language prefix for format or informat. Language selected by DFLANG= system option.

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