(chek') v.t.

1. to examine for the presence or absence of a particular quality; test.

2. to mark a check box; to turn on an option associated with a check box. Compare uncheck.


3. a mark in a check box that indicates agreement with or affirmation of the option associated with the check box.

4. an instance of or the process of checking.

checked, adj..

check box

(chek' boks) n.

1. a control by which a user can turn an option on or off, displayed as a square which can be marked or unmarked, along with a text label that indicates the meaning of the option. The presence of the mark in a check box indicates agreement with or affirmation of the text associated with the check box; the
absence of the mark indicates disagreement or negation.

2. a similar device in a paper document.

Also, checkbox.

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