(bAs') n.

1. a number used as a point of reference in measuring or determining the magnitude of numbers, as in logarithms, exponentiation, number systems, floating point values, etc.

2. the number to which an exponent is applied; the left operand of the exponentiation operator.

3. the number used in defining a system of numerals, written as the numeral 10, such as ten in the decimal system and two in the binary system.

4. in a floating point form, the number, usually 2, to which the exponent is applied to indicate the approximate magnitude of the value.

5. a SAS dataset to which the observations of another SAS dataset are appended.


6. comprising the minimum components necessary for the functionality of a system.

BASE (SAS word)

Library engine.

base SAS

(bAs' sas') n.
the principal SAS product, encompassing the most generally useful features of SAS software. It includes the SAS supervisor, engines, functions, informats, formats, programming and Explorer windows, etc.

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